Amazon Kindle Adds Up ComiXology Guided View For Better Searching.

In the updated version 7.11, the Kindle App has become better with the addition of Comixology Guided view for better searching.

What’s going on with your fine Kindle version? With the moving time, Amazon has always been on the urge to improve the performance of the e-reading device to better up the user experience of all the potential users across the global boundaries.

Apart from the rumored update regarding the upcoming kindle paperwhite to be waterproof, Amazon has been quite active in terms of bringing the updates to the application and software. In the latest update, the dynamic e-reading device app on the Android platform has got a small change which is being considered as the fine update in the app. Now, besides just searching the words inside the book, you will also be able to search whatever you have personally added as a note. All the words, paragraphs, and sentences that you have highlighted will also get on the top of every search results. This actually makes it quite simple to search out a sentence that you have highlighted in the note or book that you have written about a sentence or a specific section.

The updated in the Android version 7.11 have also added the ComiXology guided view for all the comic books, easily letting you see them on the panel by panel basis, which is being compatible for the small screen of a smartphone. There are instances when there are some difficulties reading the comics on the phones (in the Kindle and in other apps) because of the zooming in and out to read out the text and simply know which panel you need to move to the next. The classic feature sounds like it can easily solve the issue.

New In The 7.11 Version Of Kindle App

The fine ComiXology Guided View is now easily available on Kindle! Have a whole new experience of reading your favorite comics in a new way with the breathtaking cinematic and engaging reading mode.

It will be quite simple for you to search down for the notes and all the highlights that you have made in the book. All you need to do is to just search for any particular word or phrase that is in the highlighted notes or phrases and easily gets the preview of the results.

Apart from this update, Amazon has also been getting into a digital distribution agreement with Marvel, which results in the availability of graphic novels and single issues on Prime Reading, ComiXology Unlimited, and Kindle Unlimited.

ComioXology Unlimited was being released in the last year is still on the urge to search for the traction, because the service is being only available in the United States only. Securing up the comics from the Marvel is being a correct decision.

Prime Reading is actually the latest program that is being available for all the prime members in the US. It has got the extensive collection of Kindle books, including Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Man in the High Castle, Half Way Home, The Millionaire Next Door, and The Hobbit, but also the bunch of comics, including Transformers: Robots in Disguise Vol.1, and The Complete Peanuts Vol.1.

Kindle Unlimited is being the longest running subscription service which is still in working mode and it’s been topside to outshine others from the business. Marvel is being looked forward to making the most sense on the ultimate platform.

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