How Can Kindle Books Be Read With Alexa?

If you have a desire to listening to the Kindle books, there is no need to go anywhere. Rather you can seek help from your Alexa. Let’s check out how you can do this.

If you are e-book lover but want to listen to some audiobook, then what will you do? Perhaps, you will look out for some way out or some device. But you need not go anywhere when you have Alexa with you. The Kindle has been the most significant product and one of the most selling e-readers of Amazon. This device comes with the exclusive range of a bunch of features and services which have made this device made so popular among the e-readers and e-books lovers.

With the passage of time the competition is increasing, so to stand firmly in the competition Amazon keeps on upgrading the features, functions, and services of its e-reading device so that the better user experience and performance standard can be maintained. Amazon Kindle holds one of the best range of e-books which includes the titles in many important languages of the world. You can read the e-books as per your choice and preference. But at times you want to listen to your Kindle book rather than reading this book. Then it will be better to use Alexa, which is Amazon’s own personal assistant, instead of going anywhere and finding something else which Is better than Alexa.

Alexa, which is a smart digital assistant of Amazon is very smart to read aloud the audiobooks or your favorite Kindle books in a perfect way.  But there is no doubt that it will not be able to match up the skills of a human narrator in any way. But Alexa is a good option when there is no availability of any audiobook or you are busy cooking something tasty and along with it want to catch up your favorite book.

Though you can simply ask Alexa for reading any book, here’s how you can access the same feature with the help of Alexa app:

  • First thing, that you will need to do is to unlock your Alexa app.
  • After opening the app, click on the menu button which is on the left side.
  • Now you will need to choose the option of Music, Video, & Books.
  • Now scroll down and click on Kindle option which is under the books heading.
  • Now you will need to select the Kindle title that you want to listen and Alexa can read from the list of available Kindle titles. This should take you to the playback screen immediately, if not, then click on the button of now playing which is at the bottom right side and looks like an equalizer.
  • Click on the Queue option which is at the top center of the Alexa app if you want to go on a particular chapter of the book. You can also pause the playback or also skip ahead or back almost by thirty seconds of time with the help of playback controls. if you are not interested in using the app or unable to reach your phone, then you can use the voice commands.
  • Now just click on the chapter that you want to listen.

So, these were some simple steps by following which you can read your books with Alexa.

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