How Do You Conveniently Open Mobi Files On Your Kindle E-Reader?

Do you know about Mobi file type and how can you use it on your Kindle? This is quite simple and we are now going to take off to it.

Transferring the mobi file is the only option for Kindle users. They cannot transfer files with Epub. This may disappoint some of them.

There are mainly two ways by which we can transfer the files to the Kindle. We are discussing both the ways in this blog post. Read and follow these steps carefully. In case of any Kindle help, you can go to the website.

How to transfer it using the Email?

  1. The very first step to transfer the file is to download the Mobi files in your computer. The extension or suffix of the file stored in the computer is.MOBI. You have the choice to store it in the drop box if it’s of huge size. The download link is made available to you then.
  2. Open the Amazon website and log into the file.
  3. Go to the Kindle account and click on ‘manage contents and devices’ option. The option may be slightly different in different versions. You just click on the digital contents.
  4. You will see email settings under the personal file setting. Click on this option and see if there is an email address shown or not. If you don’t find email address there then take Kindle support for rectification.
  5. After you get into the device mange page, you have to tick mark on the approved email. The email address is mandatory for accepting the file otherwise Kindle will not accept the file.
  6. The email address must be followed by This you will find in a new mail program.
  7. After attaching the mobi file with the mail send it to the device.
  8. You will see the mail in the boot menu or under the document section if you have synced your mail. Amazon Kindle support will help you in sync the contents onto your device in case of any failure.

Another way of transferring the file is; using the USB cable

  1. The first step is almost the same as that of the former one that you have to download the Mobi files in your PC. If there is an issue or for more information regarding the transfer please feel free to log onto www Kindle com support.
  2. Connect the Kindle device to the computer via USB cable that is to be plugged into the USB port on one side and charging port on another side. The connected device must be shown in ‘my computer’ if it is properly connected. Kindle pays special attention towards the Kindle customer service and support they don’t let the customers go to any website other than their website for support issues.
  3. Open the Kindle drive to see the folders
  4. Copy and paste the mobi file from the document file of Kindle to the document folder of PC then just drag it to the document folder.
  5. Once the process of pasting is over, safely remove the Kindle from the PC.
  6. All the mobi files will be displayed on the home screen of Kindle.

The process is same for Kindle Fire tablet also. There are different types of model available in the market. Kindle has been in the market from long years and continuously rising its sales. The after sale service team is also very supportive in providing the support for a particular issue. If there is any problem then you can take Kindle Fire support directly from the website. I hope you understand the entire process of opening the mobi files in your Kindle that is explained to you. In case of any help take help from the support provider.

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