How To Block A Person On Facebook?

Facebook offer plenty of features through which you get connected with overall world. We don’t think that there is any place where Facebook is not being used. Facebook always possess a happy life, but sometimes we don’t want to share our personals with everyone, with a particular person who’s bothering you and no one wants to communicate and follow him more. To deal with such sort of conditions, Facebook presents the choice of “Blocking”.

Blocking is a feature that helps you have more security in information sharing. Facebook is mainly used to share personal information, information related to products or services or share information on a particular topic. However, when you feel that someone should not have access to personal or business information, you can use the Facebook blocking feature to prevent access. Here is a look at how to block someone on Facebook.

When you block any page or person, no one will longer be able to see others post and overview the others post on timeline! To block someone users need to follow the given steps:


  1. Block someone directly from List:

Click the ‘Block Lists’ option to specify the person you want blocked from your Facebook account. This way takes you to the page, where you have to enter the name and email id of the person you wish to block. Click the ‘Block this User’ button to complete the blocking procedure.

To block someone from list, Click dropdown button at the top right of any Facebook page and go to settings. At settings page, go to blocking option and select the user you want to block from list.

Facebook Home page -> settings -> Blocking -> Block User -> Enter Name or Email

The most recent settings of Facebook says that clients would now be able to Block a page, Block App invites, Block messages from a particular person without blocking him / her from the same blocking page.

  1. Block A Person By visiting His / Her Profile

If you intentionally want to block that person or page, go to the person’s profile directly and pick the block option to block the particular person.


Follow the given steps to block a person on Facebook.


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