How To Block Annoying Auto-Playing Videos On Facebook?


Block Annoying Auto-Playing Videos On Facebook

The video content has become increasingly important to social networks. They have become the most popular medium for brands to connect with their target audience. Websites began to showcase videos to convey the values of its product or services to consumers. Facebook officially introduced its video platform for the first time in the year 2007. This feature enabled users to upload recorded videos or Livestream videos from their webcams. Facebook has now become the frontrunner for video marketing, as billions of internet users watch Facebook videos every day.


What is Facebook video Autoplay?


Videos without play buttons are increasing gaining popularity and grabbing the attention of Facebook users. In the year 2013, Facebook took the landmark decision to start automatically playing a video with sound in the newsfeed. However, if your smartphone is on silent mode, the video won’t autoplay with sound. With these feature on board, the engagement of users on Facebook has increased drastically, indicating that the users are more receptive and interested in video content.

If you are a regular Facebook user, you might have noticed that the videos in your newsfeed start popping up on their own. This is because of Facebook’s autoplay feature. The induction of this feature is great news for brands to grab customers attention in the social environment. Facebook video autoplay is a positive feature as it doesn’t interfere with users Facebook experience. Users can also watch Facebook video autoplay on a silent mode.


How to stop autoplay Facebook video

Facebook has now added the feature in its setting to stop auto-playing videos for its users. You can turn off autoplay videos on Facebook completely to save data while checking on Android or iPhone.  In addition to this, auto-playing videos can be annoying and frustrating to the users, where the device suddenly starts playing the video while scrolling down through the page. The process to stop autoplay Facebook video is very simple and easy.  Let us now see how to turn off autoplay videos on Android, iPhone and desktop/PC.


Turn off autoplay video on Android  

  • Download the Facebook app on your device.
  • Open the Facebook app and click the three horizontal lines in the top right.
  • Under settings, scroll down and tap Settings & privacy.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll down and open Media and Contacts.
  • Select Autoplay.
  • Select Never Autoplay videos.


Turn off autoplay video on iPhone. 

  • Open the Facebook app from your iOS device.
  • Click the three horizontal lines in the bottom right.
  • Scroll down and click Setting and privacy.
  • Select
  • Click Media and Contacts.
  • Select Videos and Photos.
  • Tap
  • Select Never Autoplay videos.


Turn off autoplay video on Computer 

  • From the right top of Facebook, click the little upside-down triangle.
  • Scroll down and select
  • Top Videos on the left menu.
  • Click the dropdown menu next to autoplay videos and select off.

Get Technician help for The Facebook video autoplay setting can be altered at any point of time by the user. These changes can be made on mobile devices as well as on the desktop.


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