How To Block Messages On Facebook?

Blocking messages from somebody is not quite the same as blocking them on Facebook. In the event that you block messages from somebody, yet you don’t block them on Facebook, despite everything you’ll have the permission to see their Facebook profile. Depending upon their protection settings, you may likewise have the permission to see things like their notifications, remarks, likes and labels on Facebook. Read more to block messages from your Facebook friends.

To Block messages from somebody on Facebook:

  1. Click at the upper right of the page
  2. Open the discussion with the individual you’d get a kick out of the chance to block
  3. Click in the upper right of the visit box


Click Block Messages > Block Messages

How can I block someone from messaging on my Facebook page?

Just go to the privacy shortcuts and change the messaging to ‘Strict filtering’. This way only friend would be able to message you, now if you want to block someone who is your friend just unfriend them, and they will fall into others bucket.


For Page just go to settings and uncheck this box and save changes.

It would be on top of your page among other tabs.

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