How To Boost Your App Installs By Facebook?


No doubt, there are millions of active users on Facebook and the number is increasing day by day. Right now, the population of Facebook is more than the population of a country in world. Then, why not to try Facebook App promotion to boost your app worldwide? The good news is that not only this is method is effective, even it is effortless when an individual thinks to try.
Some may say that app quality is enough to get downloaded. But, the fact is not the same. You need to do effective promotions. And, Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your App. Let’s discuss step by step about, “how to boost your app via Facebook?
At very first, Log in your Facebook Account

Step 1: Go to top menu and select “Create an Ad” from downward button


Step 2: Let Facebook collect all your information


Step3: Proceed to “App Installs”


Step 4: After Clicking App Installs, You’ll be asked to Set up ad account

Fill up your details now


Step 5: How to create an ad set account for Facebook?

After clicking on Continue, It’s time to create an ad set now, you can also choose create multiple ad sets if you want more.

Paste your Google App URL and select age group of your target audience

Select your Target Audience from given drop downs


Now select budget, you want to spend on your post. Users can select lower budget and higher as much as you can! Enter Continue to proceed.


Step 6: Create an AD
Choose images (up to 6 images only), or video to create a well performing ads that attract users a lot. Choose a connected Facebook app page and enter a headline and text for your app. It’s all done now!


Step 7: Place Order

Finally, press “place an order” and wait for your ad approval. Usually Facebook takes 2-3 hrs to let your “AD Live”.


All Done!! Wait to see the boost results.


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