How To Change Your Facebook Password?

Passwords are our last line of defense, and risk is your information, your pictures, videos, and everything else we take for granted. We always listen someone’s “Facebook has been hacked”, but we tell ourselves its OK. My account is safe. I haven’t lost anything from my computer and there’s no Virus in it and you consider yourself lucky. It is not a big concern that your password is hacked or not, the concern is that, “Are Your Passwords Safe”?

Passwords are easier to crack than most people realize, and how we choose to deal with it greatly affects a hacker’s ability to get at and abuse our information. And the risk grows more with Social media account like Facebook. So, it’s mandatory to create a stronger password, protect your information. Here’s a way to change you Facebook password step by step:

  1. Login Your Facebook Account and choose the settings from dropdown button

  1. Choose Security & Login and go to Login section:

  1. Now change your password:

Enter the present secret key, type the better one and affirm by composing it once more. We prescribe our customers to must change their passwords within three months.

How to choose a secure Facebook Password?

Always follow 4 rules to a safer password, i.e. Length, Width, Depth and Time. Longer passwords are hard to crack, if you remember a long password then must go for it. Width states to definite character set i.e. upper case, lower case, symbols and numbers. Use wider variety numbers to increase your password strength. Depth says that don’t let anyone to guess your password. Don’t use your personal info to create a password. And, time recommends changing the password within 3 months. Be secure from your side to keep your credentials safe.

How To Change Facebook Password via Mobile?

If you want to change your password via Mobile, and then go to app Icon designed as “f”.  Open the app and login, if you’re not automatically login. Go to three line button and choose security and login option. Then move ahead to Login section and change your password.

Have a safe Facebook browsing!

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