Google Filters is a kind of Folder in Gmail that stores the emails of some of your favourite contact group or institution so that it becomes easier for you to search the emails of that contact in the inbox. We will tell you here how to configure labels and filtration for Gmail.

After configuring filters, you can then easily set up rules to label, archive, forward and delete messages of that contact automatically. Gmail has a set procedure for that.

It saves a lot of your time because you can easily search mails of your desired contact anytime without a need to scroll through the entire inbox every time. You just need to click the drop-down arrow in the search bar and choose what kind of action you want.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to configure a filter in Gmail

  1. Log in your Gmail account. if you don’t have account, create gmail account and follow next step
  2. Click Down arrow in the search box.
  3. Enter what you want to search
  4. You can check to know has your search worked properly.
  5. Check the emails that show after your search
  6. At bottom of search Window, click Create filter with the above search
  7. Choose the action you want to do with your filter
  8. Click Create filter
  9. Note: If you have created a filter to forward messages of a particular contact, only fresh messages will be forwarded.

How to create a filter for a single email

  1. As usual open a Gmail
  2. Check the checkbox, next to that email
  3. Click More
  4. Click filter messages like these
  5. Your task is done
  6. How to configure labels in a Gmail

With the help of labels, you can organise your mails into categories and subcategories like folders but the difference, you can create more than one label for a single mail. Your Gmail account has the capacity to support up to 5,000 labels.

We will tell you here how to configure labels in Gmail.

Steps to follow:

  1. As usual log in your Gmail account
  2. Click Menu
  3. Choose the label you want
  4. Click settings to the right of that label
  5. Go to “Automatically add messages” and click Add.
  6. Now click “From” field> Down arrow
  7. Choose an option from the drop-down list
  8. Enter a name, email address, or keyword.

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