How To Connect Kindle Paperwhite Wirelessly?

If you are one of the new users of the Kindle Paperwhite version, then check out the way to link your device wirelessly in a proper manner.

Kindle SupportHow are doing with your Kindle’s Paperwhite version? After setting the market in the e-commerce sector, Amazon just comes up with the different Kindle versions, designed to render the best possible experience with the support of Kindle library, which is the main source of getting the ultimate lineup of titles on the Kindle device.

In the high-intensity of competition, Amazon has just picked up the speed of upgrading the lineup of its Kindle devices regarding exclusive features and different titles under the Kindle library to provide the ideal reading experience to all the users out there.

So, in the list of all the versions, if you are one of the new owners of the Kindle Paperwhite version, then here are some of the important steps which you should know to link your paperwhite version wirelessly.

1) Checking Out The Status Of The Wireless Connection – The first important thing Wi-Fi Connectionyou require to do is to check out the signal strength of the wireless connection. A strong wireless connection signal ensures to perform the downloading, synching, and shopping of the content without any issue. So, just make sure that the signal of your wireless connection is good. To check out, head on to the Home screen or any of the Settings screen, then see the wireless indicators at the top right corner of the Kindle. While reading out, tap the screen’s top side to see all the wireless indicators.

2) Link To The Wi-Fi – Linking to a suitable Wi-Fi is important to purchase and download the content, downloading the content from the Cloud, sync to read the next page and to receive all the items.

In the case, if your paperwhite version includes the 3g coverage, the 3G coverage gets off when you link to a Wi-Fi network.

Amazon Kindle SupportLink To A Wireless Network :

a) First of all simply click the Menu icon and then click the Settings.

b) Step ahead and click the Wireless option.

c) Now, click on the network to link. In the case, if you witness a lock icon, a network password is needed.

In the case, if your router and the Wi-Fi supports the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), then your Kindle will directly detect it. Now, from the Wi-Fi Password Required screen, click at the WPS, and then head to press the WPS association button on the router to link.
In the case, if the network doesn’t support the WPS, then head to enter the password of the Wi-Fi network. If you are not aware of your password, just get in touch with that person who set the Wi-Fi network.
Once you get a link to a Wi-Fi network, the Kindle directly gets a link to it again whenever the network comes in the range. In the list of more networks in the range, the Kindle directly links to the network that you used at the last time.

Switch Off The Wireless (Switch On Airplane Mode)

Kindle HelpTo preserve the battery of the tablet, just turn off the Wi-Fi and 3G network connections.

Note : After turning off the wireless connection, you are not able to browse the web or purchase, download, or sync the Kindle periodicals and books.

1) Step ahead to Home tab, and then hit click on the Quick Action icon (cog).

2) After that, head on to click the Airplane Mode.

Still, if you get any queries, just navigate to Amazon Kindle Support to get the expert assistance and solutions.

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