How To Create A Facebook Group?

How many Facebook groups you’ve joined in? Everyone from us is an individual from any group. A Facebook group is a platform and a great place to share, place your ads for free with people within your niche. To join or create a Facebook group, you need a Facebook profile though which you’d be identified. To create a Facebook profile visit Create a Facebook Account. And, if you already have a Facebook profile what you need to do is given step by step.

1.  Login your Facebook Account and select Create Group from drop down button!

Clients need to Login their Facebook Account and select the alternative of Create Group by going at drop down button, just as shown in screenshot.

2.     Enter Name, Add People And Then Select Privacy!

Now it’s time to enter your Facebook Group Name, Add some people and then select the privacy nature of your group. We recommend users to select the name of group after a proper research and privacy need be selected carefully. The public security allows you to share the items publicly where closed group privacy leads you to share posts within the group members only.

3.   Click to “CREATE”

After assembling all functions click the create button. Here we would like to mention that an option to pin the shortcuts is available which allows you to pin your group at top. Choose the option if you want!

4.   Manage Next Settings!

Now manage the next settings by Adding Descriptions, About Us section of Group and try to provide clear information about group presence. Hence All Done, Your Facebook Group is created! Enjoy Facebook Browsing!!


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