How To Drive Traffic For Your Website Using Facebook?

Facebook provides several means to allow you to bring customers to your own turf through simple HTML and coding on your part. You can take any of these methods and apply them to your own web site. In my previous post regarding Facebook, I have discussed 5 ways for Facebook marketing – you can go through this post if you want to know marketing tips. Here are some of the tools Facebook provides to cultivate your needs.

Facebook Graph API: Facebook has provided a simple application programming interface (API) that, with a little JavaScript knowledge (at a minimum), you can access on your web site and bring users’ friends, likes, comments, and news streams right to your own Web site. Facebook Graph API is for those who want to have the full flexibility of customizing the Facebook experience right on their own turf.

Social Plugins: If JavaScript is a little too complex for your expertise or needs, you should definitely consider Social Plugins. Social Plugins are basically just pieces of HTML that you can place on your own web site and immediately include functionality such as Like buttons, widgets that include streams of the latest activity (likes, shares to Facebook, for instance) from Facebook users who visit your site, as well as widgets that display the most popular pages on your site based on the number of Facebook users who have liked and shared those pages. Facebook provides a simple tool, at plugins that you can preview your plugins and copy and paste code right into your web site. With Social Plugins, all you need to know is how to copy and paste, and you’ll be farming with the pros!

Open Graph Protocol: Did you know that your own web site could be a Facebook Page of its own? That’s right – by adding some simple meta tags, called Open Graph Protocol, and a Social Plugin or two, you can set your site so that when someone likes your web site (using the Social Plugins I mentioned previously), Facebook recognizes that web site as a Page on its network. You can now post updates to those who liked your web site and track analytics surrounding Facebook users who visit your site, and your site will appear in users’ Facebook search results and in their interests for their profile. Open Graph Protocol is how you build the foundations for your farm using Facebook.

Facebook Credits: At the time of this writing, these are only in very limited beta. However, in the future, these will (sometimes literally!) be the currency of your farm. Facebook is enabling a credits-type system, where, with simply your Facebook credentials, you can purchase anything on the web with a prefilled credits account you will have set up. Facebook Credits are powerful for you as a farmer, because they enable a very simple and convenient way for customers to purchase your products with as few steps as possible, in a manner that is already familiar to them.

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