How To Edit A Facebook Post?

Creating FB post is a way to share activities with your friends, publicly or the people who followed you. Sometimes user realized that he has made a wrong post, he runs to delete or edit it. But how to edit and how to delete a Facebook Post is a question. Here’s a way describes that How to edit a Facebook Post?

1. Login your FB account and go to your post

At very first to edit or delete a post, you must have a Facebook post. If you haven’t created the post, then create it now. To edit a post you need to Login Facebook Account (in case you’re not logged in) and go to your post.

2. Now Go to shown button and choose the edit option

3. Edit your post

Now you can change the text and add or delete photos. You can also tag friends, add a feeling or activity that reflects what you’re doing, or check in to let people know where you were.

After you done. Click “Finished Editing” to save the changes you made.

4. Here’s your Updated Post!

Enjoy Facebook!!


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