How To Find Friends On Facebook?

After you sign up for Facebook account, you’ll find the multiple options to find your friends. If you have friends on Facebook, you can join them directly, but if your friends are not on Facebook, you can also request them to join Facebook. Now the question is how to find my friends on Facebook? Try out these given below methods to connect your Facebook friends. 

1. How to find friends by searching directly?

Users can find friends by using the Facebook search bar found at upper left hand corner of Facebook home page. Facebook search bar is designed to help for finding a specific person, page, group, people, events and many more. The search results are totally based on information you provided in your Facebook account.

2. How to find friends on Facebook by name and date of birth?

Type your friend’s name into the search bar. Once you begin typing, Facebook will start generating results for the most likely query based on your profile information. Facebook is more likely to suggest friends who are from your own city or country, or who share the same college or workplace.

By same method you can find Facebook friends by city. The more details Facebook has about you, the more fine-tuned their search will become.

3. How to find Facebook friends using email?

In case you want to find Facebook friends using email then include the valid email id. This may narrow down your results properly. Users can also import your email contacts at Facebook.

4. People You May Know:

To find your friends at Facebook, you may also go through people you may know button to find friends quickly. Here you’ll find Facebook friends by location, find Facebook friend by phone number or from your contact list.

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