How To Increase Followers On Instagram

Get More Instagram followers
Get More Instagram followers

Important Tips To Increase More Followers On Instagram

Online business has widened its aspects and avenues due to the advent of social media. Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram are now not only limited to the use of maintaining personal relationships but they are now acting as a mediator between customers and business firm. Now, a firm can easily reach to potential customers through social media. The upcoming features of Instagram are making it easier to let a business increase followers and thereby turn them into loyal customers. Business opportunities are quickly growing on social media platforms. According to a survey, approximately 80% of Instagram’s one billion active monthly users follow a business account on the social media platform.

Online businesses are gaining advantages from the countless updated features of social media. But it seems to be a hard task for a newcomer to join the popularity genre of these social media accounts. Off course, one needs to have extensive and detailed research on how to increase Instagram followers so that they can enjoy the fruits of their hard earned labor through online medium.

In order to increase Instagram followers, one needs to go through an inexpensive but complex process of understanding the updated features. Increasing your following is not a one day task but requires efforts on a regular basis.

Let’s discuss it in detail, how to gain more followers to your account:

1)  Optimize your Instagram business profile: The first and foremost step to increase Instagram followers is to customize your Instagram profile.  Give a bold look to your profile in order to gain followers. Try to keep the first part of your username as same as your business name, so that customers can easily search you.  Choose a profile photo which depicts the logo of your brand. Add an informative description to your bio that defines your business perfectly. One can use catchy and inspiration slogans too.

2)  Create Instagram feeds with Instagram aesthetics:

You can increase Instagram followers through Instagram feeds by using beautiful and artistic aesthetics. Make sure the aesthetic must align with your brand so that customers can easily recognize your brand. One can also create a series of stories using catchy content through highlights sections in order to promote their brand.

3)  Use hashtags and location tags to your Instagram stories:

This year Instagram has updated new features such as shopping stickers, gifs, polls, and questions. Many business franchisees are using these features in order to promote their brands. Also, one can use hashtags and locations in their stories, so that visitors search for you easily.  As your Instagram stories appear on the explore page, people will see them quickly. One can apply this feature in order to increase Instagram followers.


4)  Go live in order to attract more followers:

If you are at an event, you can go live and increase Instagram followers through your posts.  Your Instagram explore page will show the life story of the event, but your story will only be visible to the audience if you use the hashtag location feature. This feature will blindly add an infusion in your Instagram follower.

5) Post selfies and videos in order to attract followers:

As it’s said 50 percent of people only look at your videos and photos and are hardly interested in reading the content. You can post behind the scenes of your business promotional activities, as this will increase curiosity among the visitors. In addition to this, you can ask your creative team to add their contribution in the videos by posting
about your business plans, promotions, and campaigns


6) Create your own Instagram advertisement:

Now it’s easy to create your own Instagram ad by putting images, videos or content on your feed. The audience can see it through tapping into your account. If you bother about the target audience, Instagram will do it for you. Instagram will itself filter the visitor’s search by providing them with the needed recommendations. Advertisements are a more convenient form to increase Instagram followers. 


7) Write more engaging captions for content:


Captions are the most vital part of your post. They act as an icing on the cake for your content.  Great captions work wonders for shaping up your brand more effectively. They will make your content more shareable. Hence, giving more exposure to your business. Great content will definitely increase Instagram followers more efficiently.


Last but not the least; do not forget to share the link of your account on other social media accounts. People who already follow you on Facebook and Twitter will also follow you on Instagram. Let them know that you are on Instagram as well, encourage them to be a part of your entrepreneur journey by providing them the link on the description and biographies of other social media accounts. Use these methods to get more Instagram followers and Privacy and Security of Your Facebook Account set a vibrant example for future entrepreneurs.



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