How to Keep Your CryptoCurrency Safe and Secure?

Cryptocurrency security

Keep Your CryptoCurrency Safe and Secure From Hackers

Before discussing Cryptocurrency security, we must first know what is Cryptocurrency? A Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is designed to work as a medium of exchange that utilizes strong cryptography in order to ensure secure financial transactions and feasible transfer of assets. It assures financial transactions not to be fake and legit. The most vital characteristic of cryptocurrency security is that it is not controlled by any kind of authority thus making it safe from the old illicit ways from the involvement of government.  Cryptocurrency security makes it easier for us to carry on any transactions as we can imply transfers merely by the usage of private keys which make our day to day networking easier and secure. Also, Cryptocurrency security is done with a minimum amount of charges with no additional fees required that is often charged by banks and government.

Cryptocurrency is generally the same as of using PayPal or a Debit Card. All a new user needs to do is to establish a coin base account. One can buy, sell, receive bitcoin and Bitcoin cash with Coinbase.

 Cryptocurrency security works only digitally. There is no involvement of a bank in between. Financial transactions are saved digitally on a public ledger which is known as the blockchain. All the transactional data is coded with cryptography thus it is named as cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies exchanges are traded online as similar to stock exchanges.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Transactions are generally transacted amongst peers with a software called cryptocurrency wallets. The person who creates the transaction uses the wallet to transfer balances from one account to another. Generally, a password or a private key, associated with the account is required for cryptocurrency security. Every user of given cryptocurrency security is accessible to the ledger when they access it merely by downloading the copy of the software which is known as full node wallet. The transaction amounts are usually public, but who sent these transactions is coded. Each and every transaction holds a unique set of keys. The owner of the set of keys owns the amount of cryptocurrency related to those keys.

How to Keep the Cryptocurrency Safe and Secure

As cryptocurrency security users, where one does not need to rely on the third party but how can one assure whether it’s out of reach from hackers, thus cryptocurrency security is a tedious task.

In order to assure cryptocurrency safety, one can use different types of online wallets which are connected to the internet:

  • Use of cold wallets :

The cold wallet isn’t connected to the internet. This prevents hackers from being accessible to it. One can also add another layer of safety through “encryption” by locking your wallet up with a password. Thus, ensuring cryptocurrency safety quite effectively and efficiently.

  • Use of website wallets :

One can’t turn website wallets into a cold wallet because they are provided online. Even though these website wallets require passwords to create an account, one cannot add further access to cryptocurrency safety options.

  • Use of Desktop Wallets :

One can turn their desktop wallets into a cold wallet by following these instructions:

First of all, download it into a thumb drive. Take a Back up of your wallet by noting down your seed keys. Keep it safe and secure. One can need this if one has to recover coins. Make sure you don’t forget the password otherwise your cryptocurrency security will be nullified, now unplug the thumb drive.

  • Use of Hardware Wallets

These wallets have their own security issues, one has to create a unique pin as the private keys are kept isolated. Hardware wallets fall into the “Cold Wallet” category as they are connected to the internet. These wallets have proved to be a productive source for cryptocurrency security.

5)   Use of Paper Wallets:

The paper wallets contain both your public and private keys that are needed to be printed on a piece of paper. For Cryptocurrency security reasons, one can encrypt the address before printing them. Otherwise, anyone can utilize it by scanning the QR code. One can put the paper wallets in bank or home safely.

In case one wants to recover their cryptocurrency:

Mishappenings can happen in a second with your cryptocurrency security unless we are beware of it well in the future. According to the research held by the blockchain analysis firm, approximately four million bitcoins are believed to be lost forever. It’s an obvious ironic illustration and contrary to the fact that cryptocurrency security is possible.

Hence keeping following details into consideration one can avoid the mishap:

Saving your address:  Write down your address, your private key, and save it in a place where you remember. Having the private key will ensure you to recover your crypto if you delete it by chance. You can do this by saving your address. If someone knows your private key, they can take your crypto from you.  Thus never share your cryptocurrency with anyone, if one wants to assure cryptocurrency security.

Backup of “.dat” file:   Various wallets offer the option for masses to back up their wallets. It will create a “.dat” file along with your public keys and private keys. In case you delete your wallet, you can download it again and place it in a folder where it will appear safely. Cryptocurrency security is a complex process but one can read and find instructions about it online.

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