How To Reconnect Candy Crush Saga To Facebook?


To many, it is difficult to fathom how such a simple matching game like Candy Crush (initially launched in March 2011) can still be popular and addictive after more than years of counting. Firstly, Candy Crush comes with somewhat interesting story line. Many would say, it is indeed childish and cartoonish but just as in most online adventure games, the game gives users a different experience from their story telling element. Many people do find Candy Crush characters cute and funny. As ironic as it may sound, many users are still curious what happens next although we do know what kind of story line we are being presented here. And sometimes we uninstall the candy crush saga game due to many reasons but want to play again where the session starts again from level 1. Yes, if your adventure game was previously linked with Facebook app then you can reconnect to start from level where you left. Let disclose how you can reconnect Candy Crush Saga to Facebook.


Log-in and install Candy Crush Saga:

Go to your device’s app store and download the game again.

Link directly though Facebook in Game:

When you again start to play Candy Crush Saga and starts from level 1 the option comes to Connect to “Facebook”. If you accept their request then you’ll directly redirected to your Facebook account, which is currently log-in. If there is no Facebook App in your phone then you’ve to install the Facebook app and need to log-in the previously connected Facebook account.

Log In and click on connect button


Great! You’ve reconnected To Facebook


If you’re facing any other problem, you can get help from here.

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