How To Send Your Personal Files To Kindle e-Reader Or Kindle App?

Those who are using Kindle devices or the kindle app know that how easy it is to buy books. But, people don’t stop or satisfy here. They want to know if there is a way to read documents, ebooks and articles that are in other formats on Kindle e-readers or not. Those who have some idea about a feature entitled ‘Send-to-Kindle’ know that they can send and read their personal documents on Kindle e-readers.

Send-to-Kindle is a feature that can be easily accessed on the Kindle e-Readers, regardless of their model. Moreover, the feature can only be used on Android and iOS based devices, which have Kindle apps. Sent-to-Kindle app will prove extremely useful in displaying your content to Kindle e-readers and other devices that are equipped with Kindle app. This feature doesn’t work on Kindle’s BlackBerry App, Windows 8 App, Windows Phone App and Kindle Cloud Reader. So, those are using any of the above-mentioned platforms won’t be able to use this feature. Kindle Help and support will also not be able to provide any assistance, so just let it be.

For Android and iOS users, or the ones who are using Kindle e-readers, sending personal documents is a lot easier. It is also possible to send the content from PC. You can take some time deciding as to which method you are going to use in order send your personal documents for reading or sharing purposes. This can be done in Kindle Fire tablets as well, and you don’t need Kindle Fire Support as well.

Using Email To Send Documents

If you choose this method, then you will have to go to ‘Manage content and devices’ on your Kindle device, followed by a setup process. After that, click on ‘settings’ and search for ‘send-to-Kindle’ option.

You will see a list with all the devices with which you can share the documents. Now, each device is allotted an email address, which you have to use in order to send the items. Once the mail gets approved, only then you can transfer the documents. This is done for beefing up the security, otherwise people from unknown sources start sending emails. There is a list by the name of ‘Approved personal document email list’ which you have to use to add all the emails that you’ll use to transfer the documents.

Using PC To Send Documents

It is possible to transfer the documents from Windows PC or MAC computers. You have to download the application first, and after that, you can select the files you are interested in seeing on your Kindle e-reader. You can either right click on the file to send it or you can drag-drop the files. If you are using desktop app, then you will notice that you can easily send any file that is currently being stored in your PC.

If you are looking to send articles, webpages or blogs, then use browser extensions for that. If there is any issue, then take the help of Kindle com support.

Using Browser To Send Documents

You can make use of your Firefox and Chrome extensions to send blogs and articles to your Kindle device. You can send the files via Wi-Fi network, and if there is any problem, then get in touch with Amazon Kindle support.

Using your Android device to send documents

It is a lot easier to share files using an Android device than iOS. If you want to send files you’re your Android device to Kindle e-reader, then it can be easily done. But, if there is any problem, then you must get in touch with www Kindle com support for help.

You will be surprised to know that Kindle not just offers amazing offers, but also has an extraordinary Kindle customer service, which outclass all other service providers in the world. So, you can take the help of this customer service to get rid of all Kindle related issues.

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