How To Solve The Issue Of Not Being Able To Connect To E-Books Store In Amazon Kindle?

If you are facing any problem relating to: accessing the books from kindle store then the fault lies within the update.  You have to check for the update for your device from Kindle support link.

Amazon kindle eBook store is the only store available for the kindle users from where they can buy and download the books of their choice. This store has huge collection of books that are written by well -known writers. It also includes novels, drama and poetry from renowned poets and dramatists. All the books are not available free for the readers. Some of them are paid. Users have to pay the amount to purchase that particular book. In case of any Kindle help regarding search criteria or filters for particular book, readers can take demo from official kindle website.

All these benefits are exclusively for the kindle users but if they will not able to use this feature then it might disappoint the users. There is connectivity issue reported by some persons who are using kindle e-store for downloading books. If you are also one of them, who is facing the same problem then take help from www Kindle com support.

Is this problem limited to specific models only?

The answer for this question is yes. Those models, which are purchased before 2013 mainly incur this problem. The users of this models if not updated their devices then they will not able to access the eBooks store and even internet from it. They will lose the access irrespective of their model. The purchases from online book store or from amazon site would be barred with old version of software. This problem arises often with those who are not regular user of e-reader. If the user is using the kindle device regularly then he must be notified by the company for time to time updates. Regular updates are available on Kindle com support link. You can download from there.

The best thing about the amazon company is that it always notify about the updates to its user automatically on its top rated model like Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite.  Whenever they connect to the internet the updates will be automatically installed in it. The problem comes only when they switch off their device for longer period or battery has been totally used.

Besides automatic, there are manual ways also to update kindle device. There is only required a concentration and presence of mind to complete the manual update process successfully.

Manual updating Kindle device

  1. Switch on the PC and kindle device. Now connect the kindle with PC via cable. Copy and paste the update file to the root directory of kindle.
  2. Once the file has been moved successfully, unplug the USB cable from kindle device.
  3. Come to the kindle home screen and tap to ‘settings’ from the menu icon.
  4. You will see update your kindle option there, press on it if the icon is not virtual or dimmed.
  5. Click ok to initialize the update process. The device will restart no: of times in between.

During this whole process if you find any problem then take Amazon Kindle support from the web link available on the internet. If you remained unsatisfied even then also then you can take help from the experts sitting on kindle support link. These are professional technical experts hired by the company for providing support to the users of kindle device.

The Kindle Fire support dedicated for kindle fire tablet also display the same troubleshooting process for this common problem as this problem is common for all kindle devices so there is no particular solution for specific model.

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