How To Use Facebook LIVE Feature?

At the time, Facebook is the most powerful social media tool. People can share there live locations by going Live via Facebook mobile app. Facebook Live is continuing to gain popularity as an easy (and fun!) way to communicate who you are (and your brand) to your community. Originally launched for mobile use only, online marketers can now stream live from their desktops as well. Let’s describe “how an individual can go live via Facebook mobile app.”

  1. Open Facebook and Go to the news feed to click the “Live button”.
  2. Allow Facebook to access your Camera and microphones.
  3. Manage the privacy settings.
  4. Write an attractive description (according to your mood & subject).
  5. Tag friends, choose your location, or add an activity.
  6. Set up your camera view.
  7. Choose the lenses, filters, or writing and drawing fits perfect to your video.

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