Is Your Facebook Account Locked – Get it Unlocked Now

Facebook has offered relish success to the business world as well as at personal level for the users since its inception in 2006. Different activities conducted by users while using Facebook account such as creating posts on business fan page, updating product images, promoting their business module to audience across the globe, getting likes, boosting posts has helped them gain terrific response as users keep on accessing their FB business fan page as well as website on frequent basis for knowing about newly launched product services.

In this business, the organization has got the best medium to make internet users aware about the product or service launch as the majority of them access FB account through Smartphone devices or tabs handy. Same is there for people irrespective of ages who interact with their friends, relatives, and known ones; who are not in touch with from past many years.

With several updates and upgrades, Facebook has successfully made a mark in social networking as well as social media world. With the advent of Facebook in the internet world till its prominence in the social networking world, things had been quite different.

All we can say it was a dream run of this website owner to develop this kind of platform with amazing functionalities and features encapsulated within FB, which has helped people gain success in their business as well as a personal relation with clients or known ones.

Despite Facebook has gained fame or popularity among internet users in different corners of the globe, people sometimes face issues like Facebook account temporarily locked. Due to sudden locking of FB account, it has become quite difficult for business people to access this social networking website and perform essential activities on the business fan page that eventually lead to commercial loss as Internet users are not able to access business fan page and cannot place order after accessing the website directly from that particular fan. Sometimes, business fan page stops responding on a temporary basis; when FB account associated with it is temporarily locked that make things more worst.

Why Facebook Account Gets Locked Suddenly? Reasons Specified

Facebook users get generally surprised on the behavior of the server to lock Facebook account on sudden basis without intimating them as it was working fine a few minutes back. Due to locked FB account, people face lot of problems as they were supposed to complete an essential task

There are certain reasons behind sudden Facebook account locking. Some of them are as follows:

  • Facebook server not responding.
  • Somebody attempted to hack FB account.
  • User entering incorrect login credentials.
  • Spam links shared on Facebook wall.
  • Sending friend request to unknown people.
  • Sharing unsolicited images and videos on Facebook wall.
  • Sending pokes to too many people at a time.
  • Regular comments on images of unknown person.
  • Sending request to subscribe too many groups at a time.

Problems Associated with Unexpected FB Account Locking

  • Issues with sign-in even after using correct login credentials.
  • Cannot post update as well as share images on FB wall.
  • Can’t change password of FB account.
  • Cannot create multiple business fan page.
  • Facebook account not responding.
  • Cannot access FB account on Android or IOS Smartphone device.
  • Unable to send and receive Friend request to unknown one.
  • No possibility of modifying account settings with successful FB account access.

 How to Unlock Facebook Account in Easiest Way Possible?

  • Open a web browser and try to access currently locked Facebook account with correct login credential
  • Once you are able to do so, new screen displays within an option to send verification code to your friends already added in your FB account
  • Select some of your friends and click on the button below to send a verification
  • Now give a call to those friends to whom verification code has been sent to their email address or mobile phone.
  • Once you receive codes from them, enter the same corresponding to the friend’s image along with selecting their correct name.
  • Press the next or continue button and wait for the codes to get validated.
  • Once the validation gets successful, a new page is displayed with the option to reset Facebook account password as well as security question and answers.
  • Press on the continue button to save the changes and log in again into FB account with a new password to accomplish the required tasks that are supposed to be done within assigned time period.

Steps to unlock Facebook account is quite a simple process but users need to implement them carefully as a little bit of negligence can lead to permanent locking of FB account.  Facebook tech support experts can be really helpful in such scenario as they are quite an expertise in unlocking Facebook account with ease without any negligence.


Frequently Asked Question for Facebook Account Unlock

  1. How Can I Unlock my Facebook Account without verifying the tagged Photos?

There are certain ways; you can get the Facebook account unlocked apart from verifying the tagged photos saved in the social media profile

  • It is advised not to open a Facebook account for 96 hrs. Remove the history and cache from the web browser. It will be back to normal within few days.
  • Implement security verification process as Facebook has detected suspicious activity happening from your account. Get it verified using a registered phone number or email address.
  • Choose the trusted friends to whom Facebook can send verification code. Once done, click Next.Facebook will send a verification code to your friends within seconds. Now contact those selected friends and gather verification code from them and enter the same in the box corresponding to them. This will defiantly help you get the Facebook account unlocked in a few minutes.
  • Facebook might require your scanned copy of passport or driving license to authenticate the ownership of the account
  • Facebook might require your scanned copy of passport or driving license to authenticate the ownership of the account
  • You can report the issues at the Facebook Help Center for availing solution to get it unlocked within few minutes.

      2. How Can I Get a Facebook Account Unlocked without email id and Password?

Now you can easily get a Facebook account unlocked without the email address and password.

  • Select your friends to receive a code from Facebook and then derive the same from them to prove your authenticity on the locked account.
  • Provide the original scanned copy of the passport or driving license that Facebook requires matching your details and image with what has been provided in the Facebook account info for verification.
  • Remove the history or cache from the web browser and do not access the Facebook from an untrusted network.
  • Recognize the friends correctly upon photos being displayed by Facebook and tick on the correct radio button seen against their name.
  • Get your Facebook account ownership verified through OTP received on the phone number.
  • You can also report the issue at Facebook Help Center if any of the above methods don’t work in your favor.

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