A Comprehensive Guide To Blocking Email Addresses On Yahoo

A Comprehensive Guide To Blocking Email Addresses On Yahoo

We know how much your email privacy is important, so here we have come up with few
guidelines to keep your inbox-spam free.

No more annoying ads, unwanted messages, social or promotional emails. These
guidelines will help you get rid of all that brings your account to a dumping point.

There are a few ways users can block emails and block ads on Yahoo Mail. Blocking
an email address from your Yahoo Mail account is very simple – since all relevant
controls are present in the settings menu of the Email services.

Following these steps will allow you to block any Email Address easily.

How To Block Any Email Address On Yahoo:

Here are step-by-step instructions to block any Yahoo Mail account:

Step #1: Open any email from the spamming sender.
Step #2: Click the sender's name at the top of the message.
Step #3: A menu should pop up. Click on the ‘Copy Address’ option on this menu.
Step #4: Click on the ‘gear’ icon at the top right of the page.
Step #5: Select the ‘Settings’ option from the drop-down menu.
Step #6: Choose the ‘Blocked Addresses' option from the list.
Step #7: Finally, add the copied email address into the list. These steps should block
you from receiving emails from the given email address.

When you block a sender, messages they send will appear in your Spam folder.
Yahoo Mail connects you with your dear ones in just a few clicks and taps. Emailing
from Yahoo is straightforward and has easy-to-use email functions like instant
messaging, amongst other excellent free services.

Being bombarded with promotional or social emails can make staying caught up with
friends and family using Yahoo a very annoying and intrusive experience.

Blocking unwanted emails on Yahoo is just as simple as using its services.

The user only needs one computer or mobile device with Internet access, and one
account to communicate with almost anybody. Your email address with Yahoo follows
the following format: Your_Yahoo_ID@yahoo.com

How To Block Spam Emails In Yahoo Mail

Step #1: On your computer or mobile phone, go to login.yahoo.com, choose log in
using email services such as Gmail, Rediff, AOL.
Step #2: Open the spam email, make sure you do not click on any links in the mail.
Step #3: On the top right of the mail, click on the ‘More’ option.
Step #4: Click Block [sender name].
If you have blocked someone by mistake, you can unblock them following the same

Users can use more than one email address on Yahoo. You've got the option to feature
alternate email addresses on your existing Yahoo Mail account.

Remember that this is optional, and if you wish to block emails on the alternative Yahoo
mail account, you must do it separately on each account by using the settings menu.
Emails from blocked senders won't appear in your Inbox.

How To Block Spam Emailers On Yahoo:

Step #1: In Yahoo Mail, click on the gear icon and choose Settings.
Step #2: Click on the ‘Blocked Addresses’ option.
Step #3: Click on the ‘Add an address’ option.
Step #4: Enter an email address to be blocked in the field.
Step #5: Click ‘Block’.

Filtering your mail is the best way to block and stop receiving ads and spam - Filters
automatically sort incoming messages according to the rules that you set.

To block spam emails at Yahoo mail account automatically, users have the option of
keeping spam filtering active.

Why Are Ads Irritating And Undesirable?

Most of the advertisements offer you irrelevant content. The user may never even have
shared their email address but still receive promotional emails. The best way to block
such ads and other spam from their Inbox is by using the ‘Report abuse’ option.
However, this is not a permanent solution.

There is another super effective method that can help block annoying and intrusive ads
from all sites, not just Yahoo.

How To Block Ads On Yahoo Mail

Download an AdBlock extension on your browser. We recommend using uBlock Origin.
These extensions enable blocking advertisements on all websites – be it a mail client like
Yahoo or any social media site.

Using the steps below, users can get rid of ads for good.

On Chrome:     ● Open the Chrome Web Store
                              ● Find an adblocking extension using the search bar.
                              ● Click on the “Add to Chrome” option.
                              ● Next, you must approve the extension to use certain needed services. Click on
                                “Add extension” to accept and install it.
                              ● Turn on the adblocker.

On Firefox:      ● Click on the “Addons” option in the options menu. Alternatively, press
                               Ctrl+Shift+A to access the addons menu.
                            ● In the search bar on the top right, search for an Adblock extension.
                            ● Click on the “Add To Firefox” option to install the extension.
                            ● Next, click on the “Add Extension” option to install it.
                            ● If you’re receiving inappropriate or abusive emails, use the “Report abuse”
                              button. If the problem persists, reaching out with the ‘Help and Support’ option is
                              the right way to go.

Yahoo gives users total control over their accounts, which is why maintaining a spam-
free account can get tedious.

Users have access to spam filters, blocking capabilities, report buttons, and other
features like the ability to use alternative email addresses.

Learning to use these options correctly makes it easy for the users to keep irritating
advertisements, spam emails, and other promotional emails at bay.

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