A Review of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015)

A Review of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015)

The third-generation Amazon Kindle Paperwhite was released in June 2015. So, it’s not the newest and most advanced e-reader now but you also can’t think that it is not the best Kindle. This kindle has significantly got success over Kindle Oasis, which is the one of most expensive e-reader. This paperwhite has the competition with Kindle Voyage, which is light weighted and has comparatively more features, but it still has managed to make its place in the market.

We will give you the review of this Kindle Paperwhite and then you will know why this is our choice of Kindle despite price alternatives, even in the year 2017.

What’s New In This Paperwhite 2015

  • 205g (Wi-Fi) / 217g (3G)
  • 169 x 117 x 9.1mm

The design of the Kindle Paperwhite hasn’t changed much In fact, it is very much similar to Kindle model of 2013 and 2012, besides a subtle change to the logos of Amazon and Kindle.

The Paperwhite is made up of the plastic body but it doesn’t look or give a feel of being cheap. This is a solid device that comes with a tactile back casing, which makes it not only pretty to hold but also avoids the problem of greasy fingerprints.

The Micro-USB and power button have silhouette detailing and the front of the device has wide bezels and all these things make it better than 2013 model. These types of bezels create criticism on mobile phones but on e-Book reader, it offers some type support to thumb for holding it.

If we talk about Wi-Fi only model or 3G and Wi-Fi model, this Paperwhite is not less than a smartphone in any way. Also, the weight 205g/217g of this Paperwhite can’t be considered as heavy in comparison to Kindle Voyage which is the lighter one.

For more details please contact Kindle Help and Kindle Support.

Display Of Paperwhite 2015

  • E Ink display of 6-inch
  • 16-level greyscale
  • 1440 x 1080 resolution
  • Touchscreen and Front light,

The design of the Paperwhite hasn’t changed much but its display has changed. This model has come with an increase in resolution with a display of E-ink of 6-inch with a density of 300ppi, as compared to the density of 221 ppi in the 2013 and 2012 models. The touchscreen is very responsive and the words are sharp and crisp. The Kindle 2015 has come with a new font called Bookerly, which has been specially designed for reading on digital screens and a new typesetting engine.

A display which is illuminated has always been the main feature of Paperwhite which makes easy reading in both the light and dark conditions that too without the need of an external light.

Please visit online for more details at www Kindle com Support.

Features on Paperwhite 2015

  • Kindle Store has over 4m books
  • 4GB storage (thousands of books)
  • Ad removal is £10 per device
  • Kindle app for phone also available

There are a lot many features in Kindle Paperwhite. Some are very useful and some are not and the beauty of these features is that you can ignore then if you don’t need them.

One feature of Paperwhite is X-ray feature that is accessible with a tap at the screen top and present information on terms, notable clips, common themes, and characters.

Another feature is Page Flip that will allow you skip to another page very quickly and can be accessed by tapping at the screen top.

Though these features may not be the best of the features of the kindle but Amazon has made easy to buy and download the content. The Kindle Store has more than 4 million books, magazines, and newspapers to choose from, along with more than 1 million Kindle-exclusive titles, all of which are directly delivered as soon as you press buy to your Kindle device.

Connectivity And Battery Life

  • Four hours recharge cycle
  • Six-week’ battery life (21-hours approx)

The Paperwhite 2015 is available in two models with Wi-Fi- only that will need an internet connection for downloading any content. The other model is Wi-Fi and 3G model that allows downloading the content on the go. Both these models have the difference of price of 60 pounds and most people will surely prefer the one with Wi-Fi only model as it is possible to connect Kindle to your mobile’s hotspot.

Amazon has claimed that the battery of this Paperwhite wil last for 6 weeks on a single charge with a reading time frame of 30 minutes daily.

For more information please feel free to contact Amazon Kindle Com Support.


This Kindle Paperwhite is just amazing and it does exactly what we want it to do. With increased resolutions of display for making your reading experience crisper and fast touch screen, this kindle makes a perfect balance between a wonderful reading experience and an affordable price.

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