How Do I Change My Login Mail ID on Facebook?

How Do I Change My Login Mail ID on Facebook?

Some of us like to change their Facebook Login Mail IDs to another. And, sometimes it is very urgent to change the related email ID. You can change login email ID for Facebook by navigating the settings page given at top right of your screen when you log in at Facebook.  Read more to change your Facebook login email ID.


Browse the drop down button placed at top right of screen and select setting from dropdown.


In General bar, click at contact edit to change your email account.


Click "Add another email."


Enter your new email address into the "Email" field and click "Save Changes."


Input your Facebook password when prompted to confirm the changes.


Log in to your email account and open the confirmation message from Facebook. Click the "Confirm" button within the message.


Click "Account," then "Account Settings." Click "Edit" next to "Email." Click the "Remove" button for your old email address to complete the process of changing your login mail ID on Facebook.


Enjoy Facebook!

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