How do I Change my Profile Name on BlackPeopleMeet?

How do I Change my Profile Name on BlackPeopleMeet?

With social networking rising sky-high, online dating has become the new thing for the
young generation. It is almost like mimicking real life, which in reality works on
algorithms to find the perfect match. It has become a way of lifestyle for people today.

There are hundreds of emerging dating sites coming up every day. Some of these sites
allow you to browse, depending on your taste, environment, and also social habits.
One such kind of dating site is BlackPeopleMeet. It is one of the largest dating sites for
black singles, which was founded in 2002. They work with a simple mission which says
‘Creating relationships, connecting lives.’ Since 2002, it has grown to become the largest
community for African-American singles who are looking for relationships, love, dating,
or even just friendship.

If you are looking to change your profile name in BlackPeopleMeet, it is a simple
process to be followed. But before, remember that the profile name in this dating site
can only be changed once and no more. Keep this in mind when selecting a new
username. So, if you have already changed it once before, you cannot do it again. 

How to change your profile name in BlackPeopleMeet?

Now, follow the steps below to change your username without any hassle.

#1 First, click on the ‘Setting’ button, which appears on the top right corner. 
#2 Then, click on the ‘My Profile’ tab from the drop-down menu.
#3 Go to ‘Update or Change your Username’ and click on ‘Edit.’
#4 Add a new name to your profile and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Your new profile name is saved and stored and cannot be changed again. From the same
‘Setting’ menu, you can also make changes to the other fields in your profile. The
process of name change in BlackPeopleMeet profile is that simple and quick. You
can change your location, update your greeting message, or even hide your profile if you
would like. In case you have any queries or issues with your profile, you can also reach
out to their toll-free customer care number.

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