How To Change Your Default Gmail Account Name: Customize Your Account As Per Your Requirement

How To Change Your Default Gmail Account Name: Customize Your Account As Per Your Requirement

Gmail stands for Google Mail. It's one of the world’s most commonly used email

Change your default Gmail account name using some easy steps. Nowadays,
it is imperative to customize your personal information as per your needs.

You can access your account online using a web browser, using the Gmail application on
Android or iOS, or using a third-party email client.

To keep their services free, Google gathers your personal information. Once you start
using Gmail, you will see Google advertisements that are relevant to you based on your
activities on the platform.

You can change this by simply signing in to the account (the one you want as the default
for the session).

How To Change Your Default Gmail Account?

To change your default Gmail account name, you have to follow the steps given

#1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
#2. Click on the icon that represents the current account you’re using.
#3. Remove all other users that have used Gmail on the browser.
#4. Now reload the Gmail page on your browser, and you will be asked to enter the
username and password.
#5. Sign in and navigate to “Google Accounts.”
#6. Click on "Personal info & Privacy."
#7. Scroll down to the section named "Your personal info."
#8. Click on your name; then, you will be redirected to a new page.
#9. On this stage, you can update your Google account name.

How To Change Your Default Gmail Account Name On Android Without
Losing Your Data?

Remove your current default account from the list of signed-in accounts. Add another
new account that will take its place.

After that, add the old account again. Now, you are good to go.

This process never harms your previously saved data. When you add your old account,
the data will be added again, automatically. All the data will be safe.

The only place where you can face some problems is your Google maps data. If you
usually use some beta versions of some applications, then that can also be affected.

Customize As Per Your Requirements:

If you plan on just keeping the new account and deleting the older one, then you might
have to consider migrating all of your Google data manually all by yourself.
There is no straightforward or 'one-click’ solution to do this, but it can be done with a bit
of effort and time.

First off, you will have to back up all of your information by-products (contacts, text
messages, chats, pictures, call logs, etc.) to the alternate account.

Some of this backup procedure may involve third-party apps like SMS Backup &
Restore. For your photos, you can backup them to your current Google Photos account
and then share the entire library with your alternate account.

You can export your contacts as CSV files to your new account, and you can transfer the
contents of your Google Drive account to your new Google Drive.

There is no "default" account in Gmail. All accounts are treated equally. When you go to, you get a sign-in box where you enter the username and password of the
account you wish to use.

If this is regularly pre-populated with the "other" accounts, then clear your cache and
auto-fill settings in your browser to remove this information.

When you are using multiple Google accounts, then the default account plays a vital
role. The first added account works as the default account while using Google products.
With this guide, you can change your default Gmail account name in just a few

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