How to Change Your Yahoo Email Address

How to Change Your Yahoo Email Address


Yahoo mail was one of the frontrunners of the email revolution. There is a high
chance that each one of us got familiar with email technology through Yahoo Mail.

Various Requirements to Change Yahoo Email Address

Before you proceed to change Yahoo mail address, always ensure your email
address is active. People who were not using Yahoo mail as their primary email for
quite some time need time to familiarize themselves with the minimalistic feel of
their new Yahoo Mail dashboard.

Can I change my Yahoo email address?

If you want to change the Yahoo email name, understand that there is no secure
method to get this done. What you are mostly doing is
● Creating a new email alias
● Adding it to your existing Yahoo mail
● Making it your default Yahoo email account
● After you make the secondary email address as the default one, all messages
and emails to either of these email IDs will be accessible at one location

How do I change my Yahoo email address, step-by-step?

After its revamp of terms and conditions, Yahoo no longer supports changing your
email address. Instead, you can create email alias, which is a new Yahoo email
address. Below follows the systematic instructions involved in how to change the
Yahoo email address.

#1. Login to your Yahoo account by clicking this link.
#2. Type in your current email address. Click ‘Next.’
#3. Type in your password with the correct characters. Click ‘Next.’
#4. You are on Yahoo’s local feeds page. On the top right corner, click on ‘Mail.’
#5. You are on the ‘Yahoo mail’ page. On the upper right corner of your screen, locate
the ‘Settings’ option with a gear wheel symbol.
#6. At the white dialogue box which pops up, locate the ‘More Settings’ option at the
lower-left corner, which is identifiable with three horizontal dots.
#7. On the left side, locate the vertical pane that lists different options.
#8. Click on ‘Mailboxes.’ Under ‘Email alias, you can see an email ID slightly
different than your existing one
#9. Click on that email ID, which has (alias) written beside it.
#10. Under ‘Reply-to address,’ you can see a drop-down menu which lists two similar
Yahoo email IDs
#11. You can edit this email alias according to your preference

How to Change Yahoo Email Name Step-by-Step

In the digital age, Email usernames often define one’s personality. The chances are
high that your email username from school years is seldom the professionally
curated one. Below is a simple guide to solve this matter. For changing your yahoo
email name, follow these simple step-by-step instructions.
#1 You can log in to your Yahoo account by clicking here.
#2 Type your present email address. Click ‘Next.’
#3 Type your password with the correct characters. Click ‘Next.’
#4 You reach Yahoo’s local feeds page. On the top right corner, click on ‘Mail.’
#5 On the upper right corner of your screen, look for the ‘Settings’ option.
#6 At the white dialogue box which pops up, look for the ‘More Settings’ option at the
lower-left corner.
#7 Under ‘Send-only email address,’ you can see how many addresses are left to use
#8 Click ‘Add.’
#9 Type the email address of your choice. Click ‘Next.’
#10 Yahoo sends a verification email to the newly created email ID. Verify by
opening your freshly created email ID
#11 You can schedule to receive replies to the emails sent from your new Yahoo ID at
a current Yahoo email address. Select this from the drop-down option besides
‘Reply-to address.’
#12 Click on ‘Save.’


Yahoo Mail remains as a free platform for creating personal and professional email
addresses. Even though owning a Yahoo email ID gets you ridiculed, the platform is
relatively simple to use. This guide lists the step-by-step instructions to change
your Yahoo email ID and Yahoo email name.

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