How to Delete Yahoo mail

How to Delete Yahoo mail

There are many reasons for deleting your Yahoo mail ID. Different people could use your email IDs
without having access to your emails and personal data. Many people debate over the advantages
of other email providers such as Gmail over Yahoo email. 

The main advantage point is the inclusion of an inbuilt messenger service with a Gmail account.
With the variety of options in creating email accounts for yourself, people are moving away from
yahoo. In this article, we will discuss a step by step guide on how to delete your yahoo email account

Why You Should Delete Yahoo Email

At the risk of sounding redundant, having a yahoo email account deprives you of the benefit of having

a combined email and internet messaging service. Recently, the company came under the security 
radar when a prominent news-reporting group exposed their acts harming users’ privacy. Yahoo, 
allegedly, bugged their system with a spy code that can scan all users’ emails without their explicit 

There are significant security flaws with Yahoo's platform that encourage one to delete a Yahoo 
email account. It does not provide end-to-end encryption (privacy) for its emails and messages. 
In the present scenario, the absence of end-to-end encryption poses a threat to the user’s privacy.
Other platforms, such as Hotmail, Google, and AOL, provide better email services. 

How to Delete My Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo lets you delete your yahoo email account in fewer intuitive steps. Below follows, a systematic

guide involved:

#1 Go to from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone

#2 Make sure you enter the right email address to log in to your account. Click ‘Next’ once you have

typed in your email address.

#3 Human authentication or Captchas are standard on websites these days. Yahoo goes with this

approach and asks you to verify whether you are a bot or not. Complete this step

#4 Type your password with the correct cases. If you have device security set up, Yahoo sends a one-

time password to your secondary device, such as your mobile phone. Type in the one-time-password
that you receive on your secondary device.

#5 Next page follows a write-up from Yahoo, confirming that you understand the process involved.

Its title is “Before you continue, please consider the following information.” It is better to go through
the same if time permits. Click ‘Continue’ at your convenience.

#6 Yahoo prompts its user to type in their email ID once again on the next page for confirmation.

#7 After typing in your email ID, click on ‘Yes, terminate this account.’ If it is all good, the following

message appears 'Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion.'

#8 Click ‘Sounds Good’ to go back to Yahoo’s main page.

How to Delete Yahoo Email Folder

Below follows a step-by-step guide on how to delete the yahoo mail folder:

#1 Sign in to your yahoo email account

#2 On the left side of your screen, under the ‘Folders,’ right-click on the folder that you wish to delete

#3 Select the ‘Delete’ option. Confirm with ‘OK.’ Voila, your email folder stands deleted.

After you click on delete Yahoo email, Yahoo marks your account for deletion. In case you change your

mind, you can still access your account within 40 days after you have opted for removal or deactivation.
For doing this, you can log in to your Yahoo email with the same email ID and password. 

In this case, you cannot see any messages or emails sent to your account while your account stood

deleted. If anyone sends you an email or IM during this period after you have deleted your yahoo mail
(but before you have re-enabled your account), they get an automatic message of delivery failure. 

Hence, this is what happens to your Yahoo email account after you delete it. Some best practices,

which you can follow before you delete yahoo mail, are as follows:

#1 Create an automatic reply with your old Yahoo email and your new email ID that says you have

foregone your Yahoo email ID.

#2 Create a backup of your emails, messages, and folders stored on your Yahoo mail. Store them on

a secure, cloud-based drive or a physical hard drive. 

#3 Make sure you unsubscribe from any paid services using your Yahoo email account. Once you

have permanently deleted your Yahoo email account, you cannot avail of these paid services using
your Yahoo credentials.

#4 Create a backup of your personal and professional contact list


Before you delete the Yahoo email account, please make sure no children profile exists with it.  It is a better

decision to migrate to any other email provider other than Yahoo because of the obsolete features that the
platform offers. Platforms such as Google or Outlook offers better integration features, all-in-one capabilities,
minimal and functional design, and regular safety updates.

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