How To Disable Kaspersky Prompts

How To Disable Kaspersky Prompts

If you do not wish to spend money on antivirus, there are free trial versions that you can
use instead. While these free versions work effectively, they send frequent prompts to
register to the paid version to your devices, which, to be honest, are quite annoying.
But by following the given steps, you can disable Kaspersky sign-up prompts.

Ways To Disable Sign Up Kaspersky Account Prompts

#1. Go to the Start menu of your Windows computer.

#2. Open the registry editor by opening the run prompt using Win + R, and then by
typing in 'regedit.'

#3. Change the name of the folder UCPRegistrationAlert. You can find this key in the
following location:


#4. While renaming the folder, make sure to change its name to something you can
remember later on. It will be useful if you wish to revert to the original settings.

#5. The sign-up Kaspersky prompts have now been disabled successfully.

It is very annoying when you frequently receive sign-up prompts, especially when you
are doing something important on your computer. But the good thing is the removal of
these prompts is easy and wouldn't take much of your time, follow the guide, and you
are good to go.
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