How To Install Kaspersky Antivirus On A Smartphone

How To Install Kaspersky Antivirus On A Smartphone

The Russian company, Kaspersky Lab, is renowned for providing premium internet
security protection from possible threats like viruses and malware.
Since smartphones are used to perform several operations – from watching movies and
listening to music to initiating critical transactions, the device must remain protected
from dangerous viruses and malware.

For the successful installation of Kaspersky antivirus, please follow the given

How To Install Kaspersky Antivirus

You can either opt to use the Kaspersky antivirus 2019 trial version or can buy the
full version that includes premium features. The paid version comes with better security
features, and purchasing the full version is highly recommended.

#1. Download the Kaspersky Endpoint Security app from the Google Play Store/iOS app
#2. Follow the instructions on the screen for a successful installation on your phone.
You must provide specific information to the Administration server, such as SSL port
number (default port number is 13292), server address, email address, and group
#3. The Kaspersky antivirus installation process on your smartphone is now
#4. Alternatively, download the Kaspersky security antivirus package using this link.
#5. From the sc_package_xx.exe archive, extract the files in a folder.
#6. Next, create a standalone installation package on your phone by selecting the option
in the installation package menu.
#7. Follow the on-screen instructions for successful creation.
#8. Once created, copy the file to your smartphone.
#9. Start the installation process by opening the .apk file on your phone.
#10. A dialog window will appear, asking, "Do you want to install this application?"
Confirm your choice by clicking on 'Install.'
#11. Select the option, 'Open' from the 'Application Installed' window, and then click
'Accept' on the License Agreement.
#12. A welcome window will appear. From here, you select your country and then tap
#13. Create your Kaspersky account by entering the required information. If you
already have an account, select "I already have an account" and enter your credentials.
#14. Activate Kaspersky antivirus security.

The installation process is now complete.

Nevertheless, if you are facing installation issues, contact the customer care service
number of the company at 866-525-9094. You can also call their Toll-Free number
at 866-328-5700 to get the required technical support.

Installing Kaspersky antivirus on any smartphone, be it an Android or iOS device, is a
simple and easy process. By following the guide above, you can protect your smartphone
in a better and smarter way.

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