How To Load Photos From A Canon Camera To PC

How To Load Photos From A Canon Camera To PC

Canon cameras come with memory card storage. The default storage space offered in
the stock card is 16 GB. Since the photos on your Canon camera is in RAW format,
this storage space runs out soon. One needs to load pictures from a Canon camera to
a PC periodically so that there is plenty of space for new photos. This article discusses
how to load pictures from a Canon Camera to a PC.

What Accessories Do You Get With Your Canon Camera?

Depending on the Canon camera model that you one purchases, one gets the
following accessories in the bag
      ● Camera body
      ● Stock lens and/or Zoom lens
      ● Strap
      ● Battery charger
      ● Battery pack
      ● SD cars

The battery charger comprises a power brick and USB cable. One can use the USB
cable to transfer photos from Canon camera to PC.

How To Download Images From Canon Camera To PC?

There are two methods to transfer photos from Canon camera to PC. They are:
      ● Using USB cable
      ● Using a wireless connection

Below follows the stepwise procedure to transfer your photos using a USB cable.

#1 Switch On your Canon camera.

#2 Connect one end of the USB cable to your camera and the other end to your PC’s
USB port.

#3 Your PC’s operating system, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, automatically installs
drivers for your Canon camera on your PC.

#4 Go to ‘My computer’ on your Windows PC. If a pop-up window does not open
after driver installation.

#5 Click on the Canon camera folder located under drives in ‘My Computer.’

#6 Open ‘DCIM’ folder. Open ‘100CANON’ folder.

#7 You can see all your photos inside the folder, sorted according to the time/dates.

#8 You can copy individual photos to your computer. You can also select multiple

#9 Click on the photos you want to copy, while keeping the ‘Ctrl’ button on your
keyboard pressed.

#10 After you finish selecting, right-click, and select copy. Now, all the selected
photos are copied to the clipboard.

#11 Navigate to the folder in your PC where you want to save the photos. Once you
open the folder, right-click and select ‘Paste.’

#12 Depending on the number of photos you select, all your chosen photos get saved
to your PC folder.

Of the two methods listed here, it is easier to transfer pictures from Canon
camera to PC using a USB cable. A wireless connection requires the installation of
additional drivers on your PC. Not all PCs or Canon cameras are compatible with
wireless connections. The speed of upload depends on the strength and bandwidth of
your wireless connection.

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