How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

There are several ways to recover a disabled Facebook account, depending on the way it got disabled. Sometimes your Facebook account gets disabled for various reasons, like violating the terms and conditions by using a fake username and creating a fake account. But sometimes, people themselves deactivate their accounts stating different reasons. 

Find the different ways to recover a disabled Facebook account.

Steps to recover a self-disabled Facebook account

  • Click on the Facebook URL and go to the home page. A temporarily disabled account can be recovered whenever you log in back into your account. But for a permanently disabled account, it takes 30 long days to reactivate it. If your account has been in deletion mode for more than 30 days, it cannot be recovered.
  • The next step is to enter your email address or given phone number. Always use the email address and phone number associated with your account. If you choose another mail ID or phone number, you cannot proceed to the next activation step.
  • Then enter your Facebook password; if you forgot your password, click on the forget password option and follow the further steps to recover a new password.
  • Log in to your Facebook account; you will finally be logged back into your account after your password is accepted.
  • If a cancellation notification pops up, click on cancel deletion.

Steps to recover a Facebook disabled account

At first, make sure that your account has been disabled. Then click on the Facebook URL page, go to the home page. Try logging in with your email address or phone number and password associated with your account. If you get an account disabled method, this means Facebook has blocked your account.

  • The next step is to navigate Facebook’s official investigation form, where Facebook investigates after people’s registration.
  • Then make sure you enter your email address associated with your Facebook account, and you access it because Facebook will try to communicate with you.

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