How To Sign Up A Facebook Account In An Easy Way?

How To Sign Up A Facebook Account In An Easy Way?

Ask anybody about the most famous social networking website and he would possibly help you with the same answer i.e. FACEBOOK. Within few years, it can be rightly termed that it has an overall user base of 300 million users. Before joining Facebook, the question comes to mind that how to join facebook anonymously? Yes, we have all answers regarding facebook signup. Given below are the two easy ways for facebook signup. So, Clients can choose any of them

• Facebook Sign up by Email account
• Facebook sign up using mobile number

1. Open Facebook Signup Homepage
An Individual must be of 13 year old or above to create a facebook account. The domain welcomes to facebook signup at free of cost with a new facebook account registration form. Users can only create one FB account with an email address. 70% people prefer facebook sign up via gmail account for more ease.

  1. Fill New Facebook Account Registration Form:

On Facebook signup homepage, enter your details such as first name, last name, email address, password, birthday, and gender. Facebook always requests users to use their real names at the facebook signup. Although, the clients are free to utilize their monikers (Cris instead of Cristenia, for example). After filling all details on new Facebook account registration form, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


  1. Confirm Your Details: At next, Facebook asks you to enter the security code sent or click the given link to confirm your facebook new account sent at your given email address.


  1. Welcome to Facebook New Account: After you verify your details, it's the time to set up your facebook profile. Set your profile picture, cover photo and location which allow others to see, who you are!


Facebook Sign Up Using Mobile Number:

Welcome to Facebook sign up through mobile number. Go to new Facebook account registration form and fill the key information, just like before. The only difference is that you have to enter mobile number, instead of entering an email and thus, the security code will be sent on your given phone number. Enter the security code and you are Welcome to facebook new account. Setup profile with profile picture and do more required settings. Congrats, your Facebook Account is ready to use!