How To Upload eBooks And Other Documents To A Kindle Account?

How To Upload eBooks And Other Documents To A Kindle Account?

It has been more than four years that Kindle has been providing free cloud storage to users for storing their ebooks. Let us find out what are the different ways of using the cloud storage to store ebooks.

This Kindle Cloud underpins large portions of the same reading highlights that you get with ebooks purchased from Amazon, including highlights, dictionary query, notes, bookmarks, and synchronizing your reading position over the greater part of Amazon’s Kindle applications and tablets.

It’s quite helpful, and here’s the manner by which you can set it up.

I would like to ask one question before we start off with this thing: Do you need to perform it in the easy way or the most difficult way possible?

The difficult way is a great deal more helpful and works from any email account, yet the easy way works pretty much too and is less bother.

I’ll demonstrate to you the easy way, and afterward the most difficult way possible. You let me know which is better.

The Easy Method

The easy approach to send ebooks and archives to your Kindle Cloud is to introduce an application called Send2Kindle. There’s an adaptation for OSX, Windows, and Android, and after it is introduced and designed it is dead basically to utilize.

For the PC application, just select the account you wish to send (in Windows voyager, for instance), right tap on it, and pick the Send2Kindle choice. This ought to likewise appear as a print choice when seeing a document in MSWord, Adobe Reader, and so forth.

Furthermore, do you know the best reason behind the popularity of Send2Kindle? When you run the application, it will make a window. Any perfect account which you drag to that window and discharge will be sent to your Kindle Cloud.

For more subtle elements on this application, visit the Send2Kindle on On the other hand you can dispatch the application and snap on the catch. I would also like to mention that there is Kindle support from which you can take all the assistance.

That is the easy path; here’s the most difficult way possible.

The Hard Method


To begin, you need to open the Manage Your Kindle page by logging onto the official Amazon website, i.e.,

This will be something like this:

Sign into your account, and change to the settings tab:

Look down the page until you see the segment named “Approved Personal Document E-mail List”. This is the segment where you should list the majority of the email addresses which you will use to send all the content to the Kindle Cloud. If you are unable to see the list or send the content, then you should get in touch with Amazon Kindle Support. What you can do is, you can go to www Kindle com support and talk to the tech support executive.

Amazon needs you to let them know all the email addresses that have been given the authorization to send content to your account. The company wants to avoid the ‘spam thing’ for sure, so think about the email addresses that you are planning to use to send your content to the Kindle Cloud and include them one in each turn. Seek Kindle help if you are not able to add email addresses or get stuck in any step.

After you do it, look up that deal with your Kindle page and check out the segment titled “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”.

This is the place you’ll locate the particular email addresses for each of the Kindle applications and equipment. Did you realize that you can send a report or digital book to a particular application or Kindle? That is the reason they each have their own particular email address. You can do the same in Kindle Fire, and you don’t even require Kindle Fire support.