Sixteen (16) Quick Gmail Tips, Tricks and Important Secrets

Sixteen (16) Quick Gmail Tips, Tricks and Important Secrets


Is your email account is cluttered with spam mails, newsletters, etc. or have you suspicion that someone else is reading your mails or you want to read your mails offline? There are so many tips and tricks for Gmail users that you may have not even thought of. Once you will know about these tips and tricks, you will feel how easy it was to send and receive mail and we were not knowing it.


Mass unsubscribe- Is your Gmail account cluttered with newsletters? You may not have checked it, there is an unsubscribe button next to the sender’s address. Click and cluttered your inbox. If the unsubscribe button is not present, type “unsubscribe” in the search box. All the event email notifications you have ever signed will flow on your Gmail screen. Select all conversations that match this search. All the historic Newsletters will be banished from your account. is a plugin that cleans junk mails in just one click

Block/unblock sender email

You can block/unblock an email id in your gmail account. this way you can control according to your preference.

“Last account activity”

If you have a doubt that someone is accessing your account and reading your emails, check “last account activity”. In the bottom right corner, there is Last account activity: X minutes ago.” Click details. You will not only come to know about which IP address accessed your account, you will even come to know which device the intruder has used to access your Gmail account

“Reply All” default
Resending email is of course not a pleasant thing. Go to settings> “Reply Behavior” and choose option “Reply All” default

Check Multiple Email Threads
Want to check multiple email threads at one time, hold down the Shift Key while selecting messages.

Google Account Backup 

If you want to take backup of mails,Picasso,google drive, images and contacts. how to take backup of gmail account? yes its possible by using google takeout feature.

Refined search
You will get a more refined search if you will, type in any of the following operators.

Search by Filename
You can search specific files by typing their file name, e.g. Filename: JPG.

Check with starting and closing date

You can also search message from one date to another both before and after. Type the starting and the end date and search.

Create multiple inboxes 
You can create multiple inboxes if you want your unread mails remain in a separate space. The unread messages will be placed on the top of your mail.

Settings> “Unread First” under the Inbox Type drop-down menu.

Read your mails Offline
Do you want to read your Gmail Offline? Yes, it is possible because of a chrome extension feature which enables you to do anything with your mails in the offline mode. You can read, respond, search and archive emails and you need not to connect with your internet.

Very Vital Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to settings> turn Keyboard shortcuts to “On”. Now just type one letter or a combination of letters and see how your task has been simplified.

  1. j to go to older messages
  2. k to go to newer messages
  3. e to archive
  4. shift + # to trash
  5. / to type in the search bar
  6. a to reply all
  7. r to reply individually
  8. Set Up Filters

Show Unread Messages in Tabs

Send mail from multiple accounts by heading to Settings and selecting Account and Import tab. In the “Send mail as” section, click on the Add another email address you own button, where you can add and verify all your external addresses. When you compose a message within Gmail, you’ll then be able to select which email address you want to use from the drop-down menu.

You can send mails from multiple accounts at one time. Go to Settings> Account> Import> Send mail as > Add another email address. At the time of composing email, you have the choice to select which email address you want to use to send emails.

Schedule Email to Send Later
You know the habit of your friend that at what time he/she checks personal mail and according you want to schedule your email so that when she signs in, the email remains at the top of his/her inbox. Yes, it is possible, Download the Boomerang Gmail plug-in, and chose a particular time for the mail. You can even schedule a mail a week later.

“Undo Send” button
And you were supposed to bcc and accidently you went to CC your boss, no regrets, visit settings and enable the “Undo Send” button.

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