QuickBooks Error -6129, 0 – What is QuickBooks Error Code -6129, 0 Mean ?

What is QuickBooks Error Code -6129, 0 Mean ?

QuickBooks Error code 6129, 0 indicates that the computer system in which QuickBooks software installed is restricting to create company records or files and while the user tries to model a new company file it crops up. The error also occurs while accessing the company file with certain windows operating system. Some of the Windows OS which aids in QuickBooks Error 6129, 0 are listed below: Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, XP, ME and 2000.
Reasons for the Occurrence of the Error

QuickBooks Error 6129, 0 can be caused due to following reasons:

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error -6129, 0

⛔ Antivirus security software restricts at the time of creating new company file or records
⛔ Corrupt network file with extension – .nd
⛔ Re-structuring of company files from old QuickBooks folder while the administrator login of the system for the user is not working properly
⛔ QB application and company file on different systems

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6129, 0

Intuit has recommended several solutions to resolve this error. You need to follow the solutions in sequence for best results. Furthermore, the user should check are each resolution whether the issue is resolved to know which method worked the most.

※ 1. If the error 6129, 0 crops up while redesigning of organization record is taking place follow the resolution.
Figure out whether the issue crops up with only one record or all of them.
Try to find out this by opening another record within the company file.
For the first step to work user needs to access their administer right to get into the system and overhaul the company file. In the scenario user is fails to get administrator rights as they need to get in touch with proficient IT tech experts.

※ 2. If operating Windows in Safe Mode then you need to disable antivirus.

※ 3. Rename the QuickBooks .nd files and records.

※ 4: Structure another folder and open company files under QuickBooks through this folder.

Open a new folder
Transfer all the QuickBooks company files (ending with .QBW only) to the new folder
Start your system -> Click on Programs -> QuickBooks -> Select the folder named QuickBooks Database Server Manager
Next select scan folders option
Go to add folder option and add it now
Click on scan then close the window
Now open the QuickBooks Company file

Help & Technical Support to Troubleshoot -6129, 0 QuickBooks Error Code

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