Read Articles On Your Kindle From The Web With 3 Best Ways.

The e-reading experience will be even better on the web. Get to know the 3 best ways to make your web reading with your kindle a worth experience.

The astonishing services and features of the e-book have already marked its position in the market. With its diverse range of devices which includes Kindle Paperwhite, kindle voyage, Kindle oasis, and kindle fire, the journey of the e-book is quite impressive.  With such kind of diversity, the device has also managed to counter the problems with Kindle Com Support to provide a better experience. As you guys are aware that the era of reading books on the computer, was quite lethargic and harmful for the eyes. When you need to read every sentence with the bright screen, it was not all an easy task to get rid of it. But, with the digital era, the e-ink technology comes up in the market to give your eyes the feeling of reading a paper without any kind of side effects to eyes.

With the Kindle, the e-reading experience has always become better. But, here the e-ink tech is actually creating some problem with the web browsing on Kindle devices. Well, we don’t need to tell that with the availability of Amazon Kindle Support, you are able to counter any problematic issue with better solutions. With the hectic loading of web pages on your Kindle, you can send the minimum version of the article along with some header images and the text. So to do this apart from the company support, we are here to provide the best 3 ways to read articles on your Kindle from the web.

Let’s break down the ways –

  1. Saving Of Any Page With ‘Send To Kindle’ – The first thing which you need to do is to save any web page with the extension of ‘Send to Kindle’. With the ‘Send to kindle’, you can send any kind of blogs, article or web page to your Kindle device. This option is available for both the browsers i.e., Chrome and Firefox. Once you install the extension of the device, you will be directed to open your Amazon Kindle Account and choose the device you want to send the files (articles) to. Here, you can select multiple devices. After selecting, tap Save.

Now when you will counter any web page or a long article, which you want to send kindle, then you just need to select the ‘Send to kindle’ extension from your Chrome browser. With the click, you will be able
to choose and send an article in a simplified way or you can also highlight the portion of the article to your device. After a few seconds, you will see the matter in your Kindle docs section.

  1. Send The Bunch Of Articles In A Book – When you start surfing the browser, you came across many articles of your choice, which you want to read in a day or over the weekend. Selecting each article individually could be a bulky task to manage the content categorically. You can counter this task with the help of Readlists, which is actually a project of readability, which helps you to add many numbers of links you want to add. It actually generates an untangled version of that page (without any image) and packages it in a MOBI or EPUB, which you can send or download to your device by using your Kindle’s e-mail address. If you want to save the Readlists for your future reference, then navigate to and log in with your Readability account. The good thing is that you don’t need to create an account to save a Readlist. If you counter any problem with the step, you can navigate to www Kindle Com Support for expert assistance.

Now, the articles which you want to save, just copy paste the URL of the article. This process might take some time depending upon the number of articles you want to save for your future reference. Once you get done, you just need to add a title for your Readlist and click “send to kindle” option. A pop-up window will open up, now just go to kindle settings page and add the to your approved list. Now just tap the unique email address for your Kindle eBook reader and now tap ‘Send to Kindle’ option.

  1. Send The Files Via Email – You can easily send books to your Kindle by using any email address. Just select the file and send it to Kindle email address. The Kindle will scan your files and will send it instantly.

The compatible formats which are available are : –

  • JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
  • PNG (.PNG)
  • PDF (.PDF)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HTM) and
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX) etc.

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