Reading Enhancements In Your Kindle.

Your kindle gives a massive range of contents and to read this content it gives you many enhancements. Read out the article and know about these enhancements that will make your reading very easy and comfy.

With your Kindle, you can know more about the book that you are readingYou can look up the words from a dictionary, view words hint, translate the text in your Kindle and expand your vocabulary. More you can know at Kindle Support. Here are some important reading enhancements that you get in your Kindle:

Using Smart Look Up

Using this feature at your Kindle you can access characters, definitions, settings and more and that too without losing or leaving your current page. While reading when you press and hold a word and release it you will smart look up cards. Then smart lookup will identify the type of term and adjust the options accordingly.

For switching to a different smart look up card you need to swipe to either right or left or click on a different tab. It has 3 settings option or you can take Kindle Help :

  • X-Ray: With this, you can learn more about the term, character or a concept. Click on open x-ray option and it will display relevant passages. You can filter it by All Mentions or Notable Clips. This option is not available in all Kindle models. To know in which model this option is available please contact amazon kindle customer serviceThe dots in the timeline will show all the locations of a precise term. If you want to see the mentions, then click on dot and if you want to see its location, then tap the passage.
  • Translation: You can translate any word t any language just by tapping them to drop down arrow.
  • Dictionary: You can review the definition of a word or you can tap the dictionary to switch to another dictionary. For viewing full definition, you need to scroll within Dictionary card.
  • Wikipedia: for viewing full description you need to scroll within this card. For using this option your Kindle must be connected to the internet connection.

Expanding The Vocabulary

Whenever you look for a word in the dictionary, it is automatically added to the vocabulary builder. With the help of this option, you can use flashcards to learn the usage and definitions of the words.

For using vocabulary builder follow these steps or take Amazon Kindle Support :

  • From the home screen click on the menu option and then click vocabulary builder.
  • Click to filter the list of the words: Words tab for looking all words in a dictionary, learning for words that are available as flashcards, Books tab for words that you look up in a specific book, and Mastered for the words marked as mastering and are no longer included in flashcards.
  • From the list click on the word for viewing dictionary definition and usage. Click outside the window for returning to the list. Click delete for removing the word from the dictionary.

Looking Hints For Difficult Words With Word Wise

With the help of this option, you can see the simplest meaning and synonyms above the difficult words while reading. This option makes it easy for users to understand the challenging books easily.

Follow steps to turn on or off this option or take Kindle Com Support :

  • From the home screen click on the menu option and then click on Settings.
  • Select readings option from there and then language learning.
  • The click on word Wise and next to it is the option of ON and Off.

Translating Text Using Instant Translation

While reading at your Kindle you can select any text and see its translation with the help of the instant translator. For using this option your Kindle must be connected to an internet connection.

Follow these steps or take help from www Kindle Com Support :

  • Press and drag the text to highlights while reading that you want to translate.
  • If the smart look up window is displayed, then swipe lo the left of the translation in the popup menu. If not, then click on More option and then click translation and after that select the language in which you want to translate.

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