Reset Your Kindle Firmware With Simple Steps.

You can easily reset your kindle firmware to remove your personal information and data.

With the digitization, the E-commerce retailer strengthens its place in the e-reading market with its one of the best e-reader device. And I know you guys are pretty aware of Kindle devices, which is serving you with best features and services that have added astonishing e-readers in its wings. The diversified and well-accepted version of the devices includes kindle paperwhite, kindle voyage, Kindle fire, and kindle oasis. With quality features, there are some problems, which can be sent sort out by www kindle com support for effective solutions. The e-reader even witnesses some hard competitor in the market like nook, iPad, Kobo and Samsung.

Competition is a different thing, but to compete with the performance of own is the most meaningful thing for every device in the market. Just the way innovation is important with every single step, the existing services should also be maintained and updated according to the latest version of each and every device. Similarly, it is very important to reset/update your firmware to add and maintain the device functionality in an efficient manner. The firmware reset is actually quite useful for every device, as this is the reason your device works functionally correct. And that why we are here to discuss resetting of kindle firmware with proper steps. If you want to know more about firmware updates, you can navigate to Amazon Kindle support to get detailed information. Before we move on, you should know that the Kindle e-book reader with reset firmware allows you to reappear the device to the factory defaults. If you want to remove your personal information from your device, then the resetting steps are useful for you. You can navigate to Kindle Fire Support to get more information on this. Be sure when you want to reset your device because resetting the firmware, will remove all your data and personal information on your Kindle. Enough alerts! Now lets breakdown the resetting steps.

  1. In the first step, you need to click and hold “Shift”, “Alt” and “R” buttons together on your Kindle keyboard, until the screen goes blank. This is the first step to move on to the firmware.
  2. After the blank screen, you have to press and hold the “Home” button, until the “firmware reset”, “firmware update” and “Exit” appear on the screen. This is a simple step to get these three options on your screen.
  3. Tap “2” to select “Firmware reset”, which will show you “Firmware reset mode” with some other data, which will reset the firmware. Now just wait for Kindle to get into the action and reboot. Don’t click any buttons while rebooting. Still got any minor doubts in the process, then solve your queries by dialing Kindle customer service to get the proper assistance. This is the last step you need to complete to reset your kindle firmware.


  • Before applying the firmware reset information, backup all the information you want to save on your computer.

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