That’s How Kindle Users Can Convert EPUB Format To MOBI

Being a user of Kindle if you don’t know how to convert EPUB files to MOBI format then here we have some facile steps for you.

What’s going on Kindle users? We no need to tell that Kindle is an ideal option for book lovers, so hopefully, you are enjoying your favorite content on your favorite device. Being a user of Kindle you can visit www Kindle com Support if any technical issue disturbs you. We have noticed that Kindle users find difficulty in open source e-books formats like EPUB. Well if you have a computer software application called, Calibre then this open source e-book manager will permit you to convert EPUB files to MOBI files (Kindle format). Below we have some facile steps but you can also take Kindle Help by getting in touch with professionals as well.

  1. First, you need to download and install the Calibre and as you proceed to run it, then you will see the option of language selection. Now selecting folder is essential which you will use as your e-book library and then do a selection of your primary reader.
  2. Make a click on the large icon (top left) on the main screen then you can select to add books. Now do a selection of EPUB files those you want to change then make a click on ‘Convert Books’ on the top bar. You can visit Kindle Com Support for more support.
  3. Now select options, if you use a Kindle as your primary reader, Calibre should have automatically make a decision on the MOBI format. You have an expansive array of options to select from but you should find the fundamental setup good enough for most EPUBs. When you’re settled, then click on ‘OK’.
  4. No worries, this won’t take you that much time, after completion of changing process, you can send them directly to your Kindle device from within Calibre, you just need to make a selection of ‘Connect/Share’ from the top right or aiming your device at the accurate folder.

So these are the facile and precise steps in front of you but still if you see no change then you are free to ask for Amazon Kindle Support by contacting professionals or experts. For more Kindle updates and useful information, stay tuned to Amazon.

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