Why One Should Choose Coinbase For Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Coinbase is a well-respected, well trusted Crypto Currency exchange whose company is based right here in the United States. Today, Coinbase supports the purchase and selling of only 4 different crypto currencies, all of which are well established currencies with high market caps.


You have two approaches in order to take advantage of getting in on a currency that is to be listed on Coinbase. The first is to go through the process required to buy some of the currency on the market today so you’ll already have a stake in it once the currency hits Coinbase. As stated above, this will require you to put in some effort in order to acquire one of these currencies since you’ll have to use some other exchange.


The second thing you can do is to simply set up an account on Coinbase and be ready once a new currency is announced to be supported there. You can do so by calling at Coinbase support number to get full Coinbase customer support. This way you can immediately make a purchase and hopefully ride the wave of the general public purchasing lots of the currency.


Whether you take the first approach or the second approach, they both require you to set up a Coinbase account. That can be easily done by clicking on this Coinbase support USA page link.


Using full disclosure, the link above is a referral link to Coinbase. By using that link to set up your account, Coinbase will reward both you with $10 worth of Bitcoin. Once you have an account open, you can also refer friends and family, taking advantage of the same $10 BTC reward.


Why is $10 worth of Bitcoin nothing to sneeze at? Let’s go through a scenario. Using the $10 worth of Bitcoin, you can transfer that to another exchange that supports Bytecoin (BCN). At the time of this writing, BCN is selling for $0.006073 per coin (less than a penny). Not including fees, that $10 can buy you over 1,600 shares of BCN. Now let’s assume Coinbase decides to support BCN on their exchange and the public starts buying, driving up the price. Assume the price of a single BCN coin goes up to $1. That small $10 investment is now worth $1600. Now assume it really takes off and goes up to $10 per BCN. Now you very quickly made a cool $16,000 dollars.


The same holds true for all the currencies mentioned. The percentage gains are what you need to look at.


So I hope this article has helped you understand a little more about the power that Coinbase can bring to a particular currency. Nobody knows when and if the next coin will be added to Coinbase, but when it is, you don’t want to be left out. Be In touch with Coinbase customer support. Set up your Coinbase account today and be ready to ride the next wave to riches in the latest Crypto currency frenzy.

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