Will Next Kindle Model Be Waterproof?

The next model of Amazon could be waterproof. To know more, you need to run your vision to the following content

As we all are familiar with Kindle e-readers, those who are already using this device, we no need to tell them the functionality and astounding aspects. Those who are fond of reading books, they can understand the features of this device better. If reading is your passion then let us that Kindle is the best option for you, and those who are like read their content at night time, they can go for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. So, tell us, what do you think, Amazon’s next model will be waterproof or not? Let’s see.

With several separate launches over the previous decade, you’d think there isn’t much more Amazon could do to improves the Kindle formula. Making that supposition is where we’re apparently inaccurate, as a new leaked picture shows off what’s said to be a new Kindle with one vital aspect. According to the person who found this picture, the next Kindle will be waterproof.

The leaked picture, which was posted to the MobileRead forum and apparently comes from a Chinese retailer, doesn’t really provide away too many details. It just shows a Kindle device sitting in a plastic tray with that emerges to be a group of recognizing information blurred out. Bizarrely enough, the Kindle branding is also smudged out, which doesn’t make an entire lot of sense. Beggars can’t be pickers though, we suppose. Meanwhile, if you’re already using Kindle and want any Kindle Help then you are free to get in touch with professionals or you have an option of knocking the door of www Kindle com Support as well.

In any case, the essential details come from the user who posted the picture to the MobileRead forums. In the supplementary post, we hear that this new Kindle doesn’t provide much an upgrade beyond waterproofing. We can expect a similar CPU as earlier models, along with the similar amount of onboard storage and the similar screen resolution of 300ppi.

However, the image does display that this latest Kindle has been outfitted with a glass display, which makes sense if Amazon is going to make this thing waterproof. Other than that, details are still fairly light- we don’t know what Kindle line this new device will belong to or if it will replenish an existing Kindle alternative. Once again let us remind you that if you’re looking for some precise technical support then you have an option of visiting Kindle Com Support or simply contacting professionals.

The person responsible for this leak hopes it to be out in the second half of the year, which we’re immediately approaching. If that’s true, then we’ll hopefully receive confirmation within the next few months. We’ll keep an ear to the earth for any information from Amazon, so stay tuned for more. If you want to grab more information and updates then you can freely make a call on Amazon Kindle Customer Service number.

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